Simpson Prays for Romo Every Sunday

May 5, 2009 at 9:28 am by Terez in Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo

Terez, we go to church every Sunday...Prayer is healthy..

Terez, we go to church all the time...Prayer is healthy T..

At Cowboys games, Jessica Simpson sits in a skybox, hands over her eyes, a girl at a monster movie, too scared to watch. “She comes to a ton of games,” Tony Romo said. “She’s a supportive girlfriend.” Her country album includes the song “You’re My Sunday,” which is about ? well, you know. “I was always a fan,” she told me. “In Texas, it’s a sin not to be. But I’ve never been as passionate as I am now. Before a game, I’m crazed, sending mass e-mails: ‘Please pray for Tony’s protection.'” — Vanity Fair

I pray for Tony to win a playoff game in this lifetime.  His teammates pray he dumps that talentless curse. Amen to that! -TO