Shocking Moment Magician Cheated Death

February 23, 2017 at 5:01 am by Terez in Main

This crazy footage comes to us via YouTube. “This is the shocking moment a magician cheated death to survive a 25ft drop from ceiling rafters onto a tiled floor – after a ‘drunken’ stunt went wrong. Arron Jones, 23, was stunned to see a fellow conjuror shimmy up a pillar and begin ‘monkey-barring’ along the roof during the Blackpool Magic Convention at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens last weekend. In Arron’s shocking footage the man, who is rumoured to have been drinking, can be seen swinging from rafter to rafter before losing his grip and plummeting at least 25ft to the tiled floor below. Panicked shouts can be heard from the crowd below as the man’s stunt goes horribly wrong and he hits the ground with an almighty thud, landing flat on his back and banging his head.” Watch the video below.-TO