Shaq Molestation Details Coming Out in Book

February 25, 2014 at 10:22 am by Terez in Shaq

Talking Shaq helps sell T...

Talking Shaq helps sell T…

Shaq has been involved in plenty of controversy throughout his long illustrious career, and mostly its never really affected him in any negative way. Shaq’s public persona is Teflon. Now we’re hearing that Shaq’s ex,Vanessa Lopez, is about to drop some new details on the NBA Hall of Famer. Here’s the scoop, “Vanessa Lopez’ rep will be releasing a statement later this week about her book deal. But here’s an exclusive, the book details the sexual molestation of Shaquille O’Neal by a family member. Shaq was molested by a family member around age 8. Vanessa explains everything in the book. It’s crazy she explains who it is.”says our source. Now that’s a juicy scoop. When I get more info I’ll make sure to post.-TO

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