Seahawks Tight End and Latina Model Jessenia Vice in Miami

March 17, 2014 at 7:36 am by Terez in Cooper Helfetand, Seattle Seahawks

She's mouth watering T..

She’s mouth watering T..

Here’s another inside scoop about Seahawks TE Cooper Helfet and Latina model Jessenia Vice. Apparently Cooper has been stationed out in Miami to train at Fast Twitch after his superbowl championship. He’s been very busy as you can imagine, from celebrating in Seattle to doing charity work out in Brazil. After a long absence, Cooper and Jessenia got to reunite. The Model and recording artist is just as busy juggling studio sessions and photoshoots. So one can consider this mini vacation was much needed for the two of them. Cooper and Jessenia were seen at the American Airlines Arena enjoying the Heat vs Nets game filled with laughs and drinks. The Nets were victorious that night and you can tell that the Jersey girl was thrilled about it! During her stay there was lots of sun bathing on Miami Beach and frozen drinks. Nice offseason work Coop-TO

Jessenia Vice is Dating Seahawks Tight End

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