Ryan Braun’s Friend Claims He Cheated on Fiancee

August 21, 2013 at 8:10 am by Terez in Milwaukee Brewers, Ryan Braun

I only cheat in baseball T...

I only cheat in baseball T…

A former college classmate is suing  Ryan Braun — Ralph Sasson is suing the Brewers slugger for defamation, and now things are heating up for the former MVP. In an explosive request for admissions, you can read the full document here, the sordid details are coming out. Among the things Sasson would like Braun to answer for under oath include,“Engaged in infidelities in every amorous relationship” he’s been in, including his current one with fiancee Larisa Fraser.” Things keep getting worse for Braun. On the bright side, he has a nice hefty bank account, and he’ll be back on the field in no time.-TO

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