Russell Wilson Trying to Legally Adopt Baby Future?

January 19, 2017 at 8:22 am by Terez in Russell Wilson


He won’t budge T…

Ciara and Future have settled custody, the two have finally reached a custody agreement, Since Future is on the road majority of the time he’ll primarily be with Ciara but when he’s home in Atlanta he can visit Baby Future whenever he wants. However we’re still hearing Ciara wants to legally adopt him as his own. From our legal insider, “In all stepparent adoptions, the consent of the other birth parent is required. If that other birth parent’s parental rights have been terminated due to abandonment, neglect, unfitness, or failure to pay child support, however, then that birth parent’s consent is not required,  so Russell will have to wait it out, unless Future would agree to allow him to legally adopt.” says the source. No way Future lets this happen. Good luck Russ, but concentrate on being a great Step-dad and a soon to be new father.-TO