Ron Mexico (A.K.A. Michael Vick) Cigars For Sale

May 18, 2010 at 11:59 am by Terez in Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles, Ron Mexico

Smoke em if you got em T..

Ron Mexico is a alias Michael Vick has gone by in the’s some quick background on the moniker to catch you up to speed..In March 2005, Sonya Elliott filed a civil lawsuit against Vick alleging she contracted genital herpes from Vick and that he failed to inform her that he had the disease. Elliot further alleged that Vick had visited clinics under the alias “Ron Mexico” to get treatments and thus knew of his condition…the lawsuit was settled out of court but many fans bought custom jerseys from with Vick’s number 7 and the name “MEXICO” on the back. The NFL has since banned customizing jerseys with the name Mexico…so now do you wanna buy the cigars..but if you do, you can buy them here. -TO

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