Ron Artest on his Brother’s Tweeter Feud with Trevor Ariza

May 23, 2010 at 9:07 am by Terez in Los Angeles Lakers, Ron Artest, Trevor Ariza

Terez, my bro is always right..

Ron Artest gets interviewed about his brother’s Twitter feud with Trevor Ariza..Ron Ron’s Bro is always yapping about something..To hear the interview and for a recap of the twitter beef continue reading. -TO

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Daniel Artest had Tweeted about Ariza: “Yea. He has the ring. But what else besides being a role player has he done? I mean. Ron was on All def teams, 3rd team all NBA. When he was 24(ariza age now) No disrespect but TA hasn’t sniffed Ron career. Yes. TA did play a great role in helpn LA win a chip but I don’t think he’ll ever be on Ron level as far as being the man. … Let’s be honest. LA stumbled into the playoffs. I believe that LA with TA3 wouldn’t have gotten out the first round. KD wouldve went off.”

“Let me do me Im trying to get better Ron is a great player,” Ariza later Tweeted to Daniel Artest. “love his game but I don’t compare what I do to what he did at my age sorry brotha.”

Kevin Durant(notes), who was the “KD” cited by Daniel Artest, wound up speaking up to Ariza from Durant’s Twitter account: “thas ron artest brother right?? he always tryna be sports analyst… lol he never stepped foot in between the lines…his brother nice but damn its other nice hoopers out here too”