Rick’s Cabaret Girls Say Goodbye to Mark Sanchez

December 30, 2013 at 10:24 am by Terez in Mark Sanchez, New York Jets

It's so hard to say goodbye T...

It’s so hard to say goodbye T…

Geno Smith played well in the Jets regular season finale. This pretty much cements his job as the starter heading into next season for the Gang Green. Who knows what the future holds for Mark Sanchez “I don’t think Mark Sanchez will be wearing a Jet uniform ever again,” predicted Rick’s Cabaret New York Girl Linda. “Geno Smith came on strong, and had a great game against the Dolphins to Finnish the season.” “Geno is the future of the Jets, and Sanchez is in the rear view mirror,” added Rick’s Cabaret Girl Christina. “What should I do with Sanchez’s #6 uniform? I guess I’ll trash it!” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl. These girls are pretty smart. Sanchez is done in NY.-TO

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