Rex Ryan Compares His Wife Michelle To Gisele

November 30, 2010 at 2:48 pm by Terez in New England Patriots, New York Jets, Rex Ryan, Tom Brady

I guess Gisele might look better naked T..

The Jets Rex Ryan is one funny dude..He knows how to work a room..Ryan held his weekly press conference on the Jets upcoming match-up..and like usual Rex turned on his funny, and did a little stand up routine on the similarties between himself and Tom Brady.. Ryan deadpanned, “I never realized how similar I am to Tom Brady. The obvious physical appearance would be the first thing. The fact that he’s married to a supermodel (Gisele Bundchen) … hello … ’’ Ryan then pulled out the December issue of InStyle magazine and turned to a full-page advertisement featuring his wife, Michelle, modeling NFL women’s apparel, a photo that also recently ran in The Post.“Yes,’’ Ryan said proudly, “I’m also married to a supermodel. We are very similar in that way.’’ You gotta love Rex..Monday Night’s game is going to be great..If you wanna see a real supermodel, check out Gisele’s latest nude gaffe from St. Barts (safe for work)..-TO

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