Retired gay NFL player could appear on NBC talent show

March 15, 2010 at 9:41 am by Terez in Esera Tuaolo

Aloha T..

Esera Tuaolo has made it to the next round of the preliminaries at “America’s Got Talent” in his bare feet. “Can you believe it?” the singer and former Viking said Friday when I woke him up in California. If he survives the next cut — and why wouldn’t he? — we can expect to see him on the first episode of the NBC show when it returns. “I’m singing the song ‘What’s Going On?’ — an R&B kind of version. You only get 90 seconds,” he said. “They kind of just want you to be yourself.” Which means Tuaolo was attired in “jeans, a T-shirt and barefoot.” — Star Tribune

See, there is life after football for a gay retiree. To see Esera singing in the bathroom take the jump. -TO

Esera with his ukulele in the bathroom