Report: Aaron Rodgers is Moving FAST with Danica Patrick

January 9, 2018 at 8:30 am by Terez in Aaron Rodgers

Vroom, Vroom. The report is still alive and well, no one has denied there is a relationship between the two sports stars since we BROKE THE STORY. From our source, “Aaron and Danica are moving fast with this relationship. Last week, Danica flew into Green Bay to see Aaron. This week, Aaron flew to Indianapolis to meet her parents. Aaron was sweet enough to fly Danica and her parents (Bev and T.J. Patrick) from Indianapolis to Scottsdale. How quaint! Already trying to get in good with the parents. Aaron and Danica got together immediately after she broke up with Ricky (wink, wink). Danica knows that her lackluster racing career is coming to an end. She has started up multiple ventures that have been slow to get off the ground. Danica has announced two final races but big surprise she has no ride. On top of that, Danica just released a book, Pretty Intense. What does Danica need? Press and a lot of it. Danica’s parents are been quite supportive of her and leaving Ricky for Aaron (or Aaron’s money). She’s found herself a golden ticket with Aaron. The apple does fall far from the tree on this one. Good luck Aaron…you are going to need it! :)” says our source. Already meeting the parents? That is fast. I’m pretty sure Danica won’t get the chance to meet Aaron P’s, unless she’s the one who forces Aaron to reconcile. Let’s hope she’s a better influence on A than Olivia was. Shouldn’t be too difficult. Check out the confirmation below.-TO

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