Reggie Bush Allegedly Knocked Up Miami Mistress Behind Wife’s Back

October 20, 2016 at 7:39 am by Terez in Reggie Bush

This comes to us via our tip box. ““It is well known in Miami circles that Reggie has been hooking up with Monique for the last 2 years,” a trusted source told me, adding that he’s also been paying for her living expenses. “When Monique told him that she was pregnant, Reggie offered her $1 million to have an abortion, but she declined.” This sounds like a problem for Reggie. Regardless it seems like the ladies Reggie likes somehow go down the plastic surgery sh*t hole lane.-TO 

UPDATE- I guess Reggie came to a settlement with his mistress to the total of $2 million? Sounds like it would have been cheaper to keep.-TO


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