Ray Lewis Gets Street Sign Erected

May 12, 2010 at 1:27 pm by Terez in Baltimore Ravens, Ray Lewis

Terez, the umbrellas are for my tears...they hit hard..just like me..

There is a new red sign at the corner of North Avenue and Broadway in Baltimore that reads, “Ray Lewis Way #52.” Yes, the same Ray Lewis that was arrested for murder..What a country we live in..and here’s what Ray Lewis had to say about Ray Lewis talking about Ray Lewis.. “If Ray Lewis Way does nothing else, just look up instead of looking down,” Lewis said. “If the street does nothing else but make you look up in life and say he did it differently, let that be the goal.” Lewis ended his speech by saying, “Baltimore, I can say many things, but I love you with every inch of my soul.”..Congrats to the hardest hitting linebacker in the league..-TO

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