Proffesional Drag Racer Leah Pritchett Is Easy On The Eyes

February 10, 2017 at 6:51 am by Terez in Main

Checkout drag racing hottie Leah Pritchett doing her thing in the drag car circuit, this comes to us via YouTube. “11,000HP Top Fuel Drag Racer Leah Pritchett just unofficially became the quickest on the PLANET! Her quickest time was 3.654 at 331MPH!” Watch the video below.-TO

Because basically school picture day. #nhra #mediaday #dragon #hellcatselfie

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The goal is not to be successful. The goal is to be valuable. All the rest is a byproduct. #nofreerides

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Current mood… #nhra #fueled #propain #teamnosleep

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Got a sec? Cause this is a long story short-ish. One year ago today I rang in the New Year at the Laganas place in NY… Looking back, would have never thought I'd get to race their Top Fueler, and with such mountain-like implications… little did I know that this between rounds service from Epping (June) where I caught some flywheel burns would play a role in the year's turning point. After going rounds on a Monday from a rained out Sunday, I flew straight out to the biggest and now pushed back meeting of my life… to be Louisville bound and meet Papa John and the incredible executive PJI team for the first time… Because I was low on time, and had never met any of them before, I was embarrassed as hell of my thrashed hands, burned arms, and un-pressed pants, thinking that they would be like…. 'who is this chick, does she know what a manicure is?' Instead they were incredibly down with it even tho that's not how I typically roll on first impressions for future partners lol. I ended up learning details of John's own stories of countless pizza oven burns and his adversity of creating Papa Johns and turning it into the insanely huge and employee dream to work for corporation it is today. My fresh burns, upsidedown questionable season, and mirroring work ethic to not just chase… but hunt down dreams is what created the foundation of what helped make this season the most gratifying, scariest, and strengthening year of my life. Sooo 2016.. it's been, uhhh, everything including fun, and you've tattooed me in ways I'll never forget you, but it's time for you to go and let us take 2017 from here. #happynewyear #grateful #papajohns #goleft #nitro #ninjette #real #keepit? @lagana_racing @lagana142 @saramattt

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