Playboy Cristiano Ronaldo Dumps Kim Kardashian

May 14, 2010 at 8:57 am by Terez in Christiano Ronaldo

Terez, Kim was just another notch on my capris..

Now that’s pretty embarassing..Kim Kardashian reportedly was dumped by Ricky Martin 2.0, Christiano Ronaldo..the international soccer star that Kim pursued post Reggie breakup.. ‘Cristiano isn’t a long-distance relationship guy,’ a friend of the Portuguese ladies’ man tells Now..Kim isn’t usually the dumpee, but in this case she’s flat out not wanted by the greasy euro.. ‘He thinks Kim’s super-sexy and he had a great time hooking up with her. But he’s made it clear that while she’s welcome to party with him any time, he’s not interested in anything serious.’ Kim isn’t giving up without a fight. A source adds: ‘Kim still going on about the night they spent together and has been texting and calling him nonstop. ‘She’s refusing to listen to her sisters’ concerns about Cristiano and his womanising ways. ‘Khloé and Kourtney have told her he’s not to be trusted – they want her to find a nice guy who she can count on, but Kim won’t listen.’ You know they always mention rock bottom..This might be Kim’s rock bottom..-TO

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