Plaxico Arrives at Rikers Island

September 22, 2009 at 12:57 pm by Terez in Plaxico Burress

I brought my own soap T

I brought my own soap T

We’ve learned Plaxico Burress arrived at Rikers Island jail in New York at 1:20 PM ET, this according to Deputy Commissioner for NYC Dept. of Corrections Steve Morello.

We’re told Plax’s stay will be a short one — he’ll be shipped off tomorrow to his next destination … Fishkill Correctional Facility.

While Plax is behind bars at Rikers, we’re told he’ll be staying in an individual cell — meaning no cell mate — which includes a mattress, sheet and blanket, drinking cup, faucet, toilet, toilet paper and soap.

Also, we’re told Plax will shower separately because of his celebrity status — so he can drop the soap all he wants.

We’re told Plax’s meals will be delivered to his cell — for dinner tonight he’ll have hot dogs, beans, whole wheat bread and fruit. For breakfast tomorrow he’ll get fruit, grits, whole wheat bread and his choice of coffee or tea.

He’s an idiot but 2 years is way too f*ucking long-TO