Philadelphia Phillies Mascot Turns into Public Art Project

March 2, 2010 at 10:21 am by Terez in Philadelphia Phillies

Come April there will be Phanatic Statues all over the city..

The Phillies and the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation are teaming up to launch a “Phanatic Around Town” public art project. The tourism and fan initiative features the Phillie Phanatic, one of Philadelphia’s favorite icons, and ties into GPTMC’s With Love, Philadelphia XOXO tourism marketing campaign. This is the first time a Major League Baseball mascot will be molded into a public art project. “Phanatic Around Town” features twenty Phillie Phanatic statues, all of which will be painted by local artists and put on display throughout Philadelphia from April until August 2010. Made of fiberglass, each statue weighs one hundred pounds and stands six feet tall.  — PR Newswire

What is the Philly Phanatic anyway? It looks like a snuffaluffagus. -TO

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