PGA Tour Player Cheating on his Wife?

May 24, 2010 at 9:28 am by Terez in PGA Tour

I'll never tell Terez..I'm perfect..

Here’s an interesting story..there’s a woman out there with a blog called The Perfect Mistress..Her blog is all about her encounters with various men, most of them being married..In this passage she speaks about a PGA player who is one of her go tos..and she gives them code names..which is just creepy..”Another PGA tour event that Memphis did not quality for…..we spoke very briefly tonight as he had to sneak away to call me….thank goodness for pre-paid cellular telephones. I told him I needed to see him as my body clearly needed undivided attention from him. Typical response from him ‘my wife and children may be joining me the next time I’m on the road’ much to his disappointment. However. I’m pretty sure that idea of sex with me will inspire him to convince his family that they will be an unwarranted distraction on his declining ranks on the leaderboard. I’m also sure just a video reminder of sex with me will do the trick and I will be seeing him in 21 days. Besides, a great BJ can do wonders for a man’s confidence and game…..” Could the perfect mistress be talking about Tiger..probably not…but someone is up to no good..-TO

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