Peyton Hillis Was Traded After Hitting on Coach’s Wife

December 3, 2010 at 12:02 pm by Terez in Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos, Josh McDaniels, Peyton Hillis

The ladies love the beast T..

Here’s an interesting piece of news..Peyton Hillis is a beast..He’s having a breakout year for the Cleveland Browns..It wasn’t too long ago that Hillis was playing in Denver for Head Coach Josh McDaniels..McDaniels traded Hillis for QB Brady Quinn..a deal that is now haunting Broncos fans..and now we know why the trade happened..According to Mark Schlereth and Alfred Williams, the word on the street is Hillis got caught hitting on McDaniels wife Laura.. Schlereth went on 104.3 the Fan earlier this week and said it is common knowledge around the Broncos organization. Apparently, the story goes that Hillis hit on McDaniels wife, Laura, shortly after McDaniels became the Head Coach..McDaniels probably deserved it..He’s  done a horrific job in Denver so far..He’s traded Cutler, Brandon Marshall, Hillis, and drafted Tebow in the first round..Need I say more. -TO

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