Paulus’ 5th Year Senior Workout Program

May 18, 2009 at 11:06 am by Terez in Greg Paulus, Syracuse University

Terez, haven't you seen Rudy..anything is possible..

Terez, haven't you seen Rudy..anything is possible..

Syracuse coach Doug Marrone said Monday that Ryan Nassib will still be listed as his starting quarterback, but that Greg Paulus will receive enough snaps to have a fair chance to compete for the role.Marrone said he was impressed with Paulus’ ability to recall concepts and certain plays he was tested on during a recent visit with the coach. Marrone has yet to see Paulus actually throw a football.Paulus announced Thursday that he would return to his hometown of Syracuse to play football after four years of basketball at Duke.

Marrone said Monday he is is open to using Paulus or any other quarterback in a “package” but that he does “not believe in limiting or labeling” quarterbacks, particularly this early in the process.Paulus’ ability, which Marrone has culled through his high school tapes, has impressed the coach, who said he is “excited” to find out what Paulus can do on the field physically.Marrone also said he had to seriously consider Paulus as an option based on what he found out about the quality of Paulus’ workout last month with the Green Bay Packers.

I guess Paulus is looking to stay in shape for another year, because there is no chance in hell he’ll ever get a snap in the NFL. -TO