Patriots May Trade Gronk?

March 29, 2018 at 12:06 pm by Terez in NFL, Rob Gronkowski

This comes to us from Greg Bedard of Boston Sports Journal……He speculates that Bill Belichick could toy with the idea of trading Gronkowski if the indecisiveness lasts much longer. One “Bill Belichick-friendly source” apparently agrees with that line of thinking.

A Bill Belichick-friendly source agreed with my thinking that once a player makes Belichick start to contemplate life without him, Belichick starts to warm to being without that player. “He imagines you gone,” he said. The longer Gronkowski goes without saying he’s all in, the chances of him being traded increases, the source said.

Sources from two teams that would make sense for Gronkowski said they absolutely would be interested if Belichick called. “He’d be perfect for us,” one said.

Likely haul in return: possible late first-round pick if the team has it, but more likely a high second-rounder and a third.

Among the teams that Bedard thinks would be a fit for Gronkowski are the Los Angeles Rams, who have already been linked to Odell Beckham Jr. this offseason. One NFC general manager feels Gronk would “make way more sense” for the Rams than Beckham. – TO