Olympic Legend Carl Lewis working Bar Mitzvahs

May 11, 2010 at 8:45 am by Terez in Carl Lewis

Terez, it was nice..the whole room was olympic themed..and I sang the National Anthem...
Terez, it was nice..the whole room was olympic themed..the kid had no idea who I was though..

Developer Michael Samschick had something special planned for his son’s Bar Mitzvah this past weekend at the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia..Carl Lewis..yes the Olympian was the guest of honor for his son’s big day…He introduced the living legend by announcing his son Austin had a long lost brother..but when he ran into the room the jig was up..Samschick hired Carl  Lewis through marketing agent Craig Kaplan of MilkBoy Communications. As a gift,  Lewis presented Austin with a signed Wheaties box..Pretty ridiculous considering the kid probably doesn’t even know who Carl Lewis is..I’m thinking it was more for the Father than the son.. -TO

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