Olivia Munn & Aaron Rodgers’ Camps Are Spinning Their PR Wheels

April 19, 2017 at 8:49 am by Terez in Aaron Rodgers

Here’s the breakdown from each side, a source close to Rodgers and Munn each spoke to the gossip rags. Basically, Team Rodgers wants you to know that he probably dumped her and he isn’t looking to get back with her. Team Munn is saying she dumped him and he’s been trying to get back with her. Hard to say who dumped who at this point, and who’s trying to get back with who. Check out the stories below, this is why you can’t believe anything with celeb couples.-TO

“source close to Rodgers” spoke to People Mag below:

As breakups go, Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn didn’t have a bad one.

“It wasn’t dramatic,” says a source close to Rodgers. “It simply came to an end. Aaron is happy and doing well, and he hopes that she is doing well, too.”

And despite reports that Rodgers wants to get back with Munn, the insider insists that the NFL star is ready to move on. “They haven’t been in contact for several days, and I don’t think that they’ll keep in touch,” says the source. “He’s definitely not trying to get back together with her. Not because there’s anything wrong with her or that he hates her, but they both want to move forward.”

Despite often being at the center of speculations that she had fueled a family feud between Rodgers, his dad and younger brother, Jordan Rodgers – who competed on JoJo Fletcher‘s season of The Bachelorette, Munn consistently supported her beau throughout their three year romance, without hesitation.

“This had nothing to do with Aaron’s family,” says the source. “He’s making personal decisions about the next steps for all areas of his life, but he’s going to keep the details about to himself right now.” But those next steps won’t include Munn. “This is a clean break-up,” the insider says. “He’s not looking back, and neither is she.”

[From People]

“Source Close to Munn” Spoke to E!

She’s “doing well” and focusing on herself: Now that she’s single, she “is not communicating with Aaron as much as he would like,” the source says of the athlete, 33. “She feels like distance is best at this time….Olivia knew that the relationship was on the rocks the past few months. It didn’t feel good anymore, and they should have split up a few months ago. They were holding on to this idea of their relationship, even though they knew a breakup was bound to happen.”

She knows Aaron was not The One: “Olivia is not going to settle till she feels like this is the man she will end up with. Her eyes are open and she is very open to dating. She is good!”

A source close to Rodgers tells E! News: A source close to Rodgers adds that while he “loved” Munn and “the breakup was not easy,” he’s starting to pick up the pieces—carefully, of course. “The line of women he can choose from is endless,” the source insists, “but he is a pretty picky dude, especially at the level he’s at now.”

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