Old Warriors Mascot Going Crazy at Warriors New Arena Construction Site

June 6, 2017 at 6:49 am by Terez in Golden State Warriors

We received this one in our tip box this morning, ” Ever since I saw your post about the old Warriors mascot I’ve had my eyes peeled for him during every game. Eventually I saw this post on instagram that lead me to his own instagram and twitter accounts.  Then something crazy happened – I was walking by the construction site of the new Warriors arena and I saw somebody screaming nonsense at one of the gates. As I walked a little closer I noticed it was in fact the old man Thunder live in the flesh! I got a little clip on my phone and then called my friend to record the live-stream of the construction site. Amazingly the live-stream is quite delayed so he was able to capture the whole thing (although he only shows up very small in the corner). I put together both clips for you below.” This is a pretty sad funny story. Keep the tips coming. Watch below.-TO