Of Course Future Raps About Larsa Pippen In His New Song

February 17, 2017 at 6:53 am by Terez in Scottie Pippen

As we told you Scottie and Thottie are reconciling on vacation, but that didn’t stop Future from spitting some bars about the former NBA stars wife.
“I fucks R&B b*tches, should thank you
Them bricks coming in like the John Doe crew
They put a number on your head, they tryna stank you
I’m ‘bout to take ‘em out the game, n*gga fuck you
They got me goin’ insane, now it’s fuck you
I let my brother fuck your b*tch, he got the dog food
I damn near get half a ticket for a walk through
I fuck dem Super Bowl b*tches down in Houston
I got this westside freakin’ like boostin’
I built my empire up like Lucious
Ayy gimme pounds, gimme bricks, I’m a nuisance
I make the blogs with ya b*tch cause I’m ruthless
I make the blogs with ya b*tch cause I’m ruthless
Yah, I get cash money like I’m Mack Maine
I just put a rapper b*tch on game
I be smokin’ rapper weed with my gang
I just slam dunked ya b*tch hall of fame”
Damn, Scottie needs to lose Thottie, that shit is too much to live with for the rest of your life.-TO