Oddsmakers Release Serena Williams Baby Betting Odds

April 20, 2017 at 1:10 am by Terez in Serena Williams

This is pretty funny, and comes to us via our Tip Box. “You really can bet on anything these days. Serena Williams has confirmed her pregnancy through a spokesperson — and one of the world’s largest online sportsbooks, BetOnline.ag (founded in 2004), has posted Serena Williams’ baby prop bets and odds in its entertainment betting section. “Our customers love these types of entertainment prop bets and there is definitely an appetite for the latest Serena news,” says Dave Mason, Sportsbook Brand Manager at BetOnline.ag. “She is probably the single most wagered on side in all of Tennis.”

First Name of Baby
A through M +110 Bet $100 to profit $110
N through Z -140 Bet $140 to profit $100

Gender of Baby
Male -115 Bet $115 to profit $100
Female -115 Bet $115 to profit $100

Weight of Baby
Over 9.5 lbs -115 Bet $115 to profit $100
Under 9.5 lbs -115 Bet $115 to profit $100

Will She Have Triplets
Yes +2000 Bet $100 to profit $2000
No -10000 Bet $10000 to profit $100

Will She Have Twins
Yes +1200 Bet $100 to profit $1200
No -2500 Bet $2500 to profit $100