O.J. Simpson Plotting Murder Hits From Jail

November 2, 2010 at 9:29 am by Terez in O.J. Simpson

Oh it's on T...Time to seek my revenge..

“I’ve got nothing left to live for now…I’m going to kill myself!” These were the words muttered by the former football legend immediately following the Nevada Supreme Court’s refusal to overturn his armed-robbery and kidnapping convictions and grant him a new trial..According to the Enquirer, O.J. will try and seek revenge on all those who have wronged him..According to the source, Gilbert is concerned that O.J might use his $20,000-per-month pension to pay for a hit on the  memorabilia collectors he robbed. “They believe that he’s going to try to have them murdered – and then kill himself,” divulged a close source. “After the ruling came down, they were nervously calling one another and talking about going into hiding!”  “He’s convinced prison bars won’t keep O.J. from striking out at him,” said the source..When OJ tries to murder someone, he usually does it himself..so If I were those guys, I wouldn’t be worrying at all. -TO

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