Notre Dame Golfer Lies About Tournament score

May 10, 2010 at 9:41 am by Terez in Annie Brophy, University of Nortre Dame

Terez, I'm not a very good liar..

NCAA tournament officials pulled Notre Dame Golfer Annie Brophy off the course on the 14th hole and disqualified her for unsportsmanlike conduct…The unsportsmanlike conduct was she lied about her score..Brophy’s front-nine score of 6-under 30 gave Notre Dame a hope to qualify for the NCAA Championship, which meant Florida State, Oregon and Kent State had to remain at the course in case of a playoff.“I had no idea my individual score would mess so much with team scores,” she said. “It probably wasn’t my best idea,” Brophy said Monday morning of her decision to report fake scores during Saturday’s final round of the NCAA Central Regional at Otter Creek Golf Course in Columbus, Ind. “I’m sorry for everything that happened.” Good luck living this one down Annie..-TO

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