Not First Time Kobe Has Used Homophobic Expression

April 14, 2011 at 9:00 am by Terez in Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers

I learned that expression growing up in Philly T...

Kobe Bryant used some not so nice words the other night that cost him $100,000…News flash…This isn’t the first time Kobe’s thrown around those words…My source is telling me Kobe often uses derogatory terms when frustrated or upset…Bryant used an expletive and an anti-gay slur directed at a referee, but this combination of words has been used by Kobe dozens of times…”It’s not like Kobe just came up with that phrasing on the fly. He uses that expression a lot, especially during heated practices.” said my source. No crap…I don’t believe for one minute the fine will stop Kobe from using that sort of language…It wasn’t an anomaly people. -TO

Kobe Bryant Yells Homophobic Slur at Ref

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