Nnamdi Asomugha Lives In Oakland & His Wife Lives In Los Angeles

January 19, 2017 at 7:37 am by Terez in Nnamdi Asomugha

We actually FIRST broke the Kerry Washington Nnamdi Asomugha “marriage”, and now we received this tip wondering about  Nnamdi’s whereabouts. Check it out below, it’s a mouthful.  Now we all know something isn’t right about this couple.

“Hi, sorry for the long title to the email but I wanted the subject to be clear. I have a question and I am not sure you have the answer to it OR whether you already know what I’m talking about. We all know there is absolutely NO marriage between Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha and there never was. Now my question is, why the hell is no one checking his whereabouts? Those give away everything in a second. First off, he is NOT mainly in LA. He’s mainly in Oakland. His Oakland house, by the way (it’s in Alameda to be precise) is the ONLY property he owns that’s listed under HIS OWN NAME, and not under his LLC. (property address is 1050 Armitage ST, Alameda).

Second, how is it possible that no one has been smart enough to check where he actually goes? I mean I KNOW where he actually goes and had literally daily reports for a while because he frequents a group of closeted football players (many of them with wives, surprise surprise) plus a baseball player, and a very good friend of mine’s brother hangs out with them, too. So he gave us ALL sorts of dirt and stories, but that’s old now, that was about a year ago.

The point is, there have been multiple instagram photos etc, exposing him as being in Oakland, hell he even goes to the DENTIST in Oakland and uses the Raiders’ dentist (yes, multiple photos from DENTIST EMPLOYEES, at least 2, on instagram about that), and yet NO ONE checks?

I mean I don’t know if you have checked, so forgive me for the question if in fact you KNOW he is not in a marriage with Kerry exactly because YOU KNOW he is freaking NEVER anywhere near her.

If you haven’t checked, though, tracking his REAL whereabouts and where he REALLY lives on a daily basis IS indisputable evidence that he is absolutely NOT married to her, let alone living with her. I’m sure you can get a reliable source who will tell you his REAL whereabouts as opposed to lies?

I have SO much evidence I am buried in a pile by now, and I mean documents, properties, all the really, how do I put it, SHADY business he is involved in, not to mention direct accounts from football players who know him and who see him out (and know full well he’s gay), and I can’t believe everyone’s sleeping except for you and Enty ( the blind item KING). I mean sure, Kerry and her actual partner can ask for a lot of favors and press does what they want, but there is a limit to, excuse my French, bullshit?

Just curious. Would you please let me know if you’re already aware of his actual whereabouts? Otherwise, I will gladly provide quite a few photos showing where he REALLY has been.

Thanks for the fun you provide, and for the truth!


Actions speak louder than words, Although I don’t think he has a bad setup if he wants this fake marriage to last forever.-TO