Nick Swisher Moving To L.A. For Fiance

November 5, 2010 at 10:05 am by Terez in New York Yankees, Nick Swisher

I'll see you in Hollywood T..

Nick Swisher is moving to L.A…Why you ask? One very good reason..His fiance told him he figured why not..He said, “I moved here when I met Joanna. Her work is out here. She supports me during the season, I support her during her season. She is my princess. I just could not be more happy.” Swish then goes on to compare baseball and television.. “We take so much pride in being able to back each other up. In the baseball world and in television, you have your ups and downs. It’s just so great to have your best friend with you throughout everything good and everything bad.” Nick is in deep..I wonder if he’s taking his balls with him in the move? -TO

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