NHL player’s fiancee wants her dog to be her ring bearer

March 31, 2010 at 8:37 am by Terez in Mike Fisher, Ottawa Senators

Terez, that dog has been like a son to me..

Singer CARRIE UNDERWOOD’s chihuahua will be the ring bearer at her nuptials. The country star and ice hockey player Mike Fisher became engaged at Christmas (09) and now Underwood is starting to make plans for her wedding. The couple has yet to name a date but they’ve decided on cupcakes instead of a traditional cake – and Underwood also wants her pet Ace to be part of the ceremony. She says, “He’ll be one of the ring-bearers… but I don’t know if I’ll give him the actual ring; he would probably run away with it or eat it or something.” — Contact Music

Some chicks are over obsessed with their pets..who would think a dog would be walking the aisle at a hockey player’s wedding..pretty stupid! -TO

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