NFL Incidents Reach 59 in No Time

May 19, 2009 at 11:03 am by Terez in Main

You have been reported to Terez sir..sorry, you're busted..

You have been reported to Terez sir..sorry, you're busted..

For a while now, the San Diego Union-Tribune has been compiling an extraordinary and profoundly troubling roster of NFL players arrested since 2000. Going back to May 1, 2008, there are 59 incidents. By my count, 26 of these arrests are for guys driving a vehicle recklessly, drunk, or in possession of marijuana. A few of these cases were dropped, like Cedric Benson’s arrest for boating while intoxicated. A couple — like Marshawn Lynch, who hit a 27-year-old pedestrian with his Porsche — make no mention of booze or drugs. Maybe that’s because the charge against Lynch — who was arrested again in February while driving with a loaded gun — was basically a hit and run. 

Nevertheless, each of these incidents has the same horrific potential as the Stallworth case. It’s nothing new, either. Eleven years ago, Rams defensive end Leonard Little killed a woman named Susan Gutweiler while driving drunk after celebrating his 24th birthday. Susan Gutweiler was 47, a wife and mother to a 15-year-old son.  Little got 90 days and community service. Vick has been in jail since November 2007. Little would be arrested again in 2004 for drunk driving, a charge he beat, and speeding, a charge he did not. But I digress. As anyone who’s ever worked on a city desk knows, people tend to care more about dogs than they do other people –Fox Sports

NFL Players be crazy… I bet you half of the arrests were  Bengals. -TO