Next Step For Big Papi Will Be Benching

May 27, 2009 at 10:49 am by Terez in Big Papi, Boston Red Sox

Terez, I need you to be my hitting coach. Im out of answers..

Terez, these goggles don't work either... I need you to be my hitting coach.

By dropping David Ortiz, the Sox have unwittingly boxed themselves into a corner: If this doesn’t work, the next step — benching him on a more permanent basis — doesn’t offer much of an exit strategy for the club or Ortiz. Granted, it may never get to that point if only because the Red Sox lack internal options. But how long do the Sox stick with a DH whose slugging percentage is less than half of what it was every year from 2004-07? How long do they stick with someone who has five more extra-base hits than part-time infielder Nick Green? Is the rest of this road trip sufficient enough time? What about the end of June? Or the All-Star break? These are questions with which the Sox might soon be grappling. “The best course of action, I always feel, is to let guys play,” said Francona, unapologetically a players manager to the core. — Boston Herald

The Sawx should cut bait soon. Papi is hitting like a dead fish. -TO