NBA Star Jabari Parker Has A Hot Mormon Girlfriend

January 10, 2017 at 6:47 am by Terez in Jabari Parker

This comes to us via our Tip Box. “Not really sure how this goes, but I have some info that I want to share. We are super excited about it and hope you are too! NBA star Jabari Parker has a hot girlfriend!!! Her name is Logan West and she was Miss Teen USA 2012. They have been together over a year but you can tell they try to keep things off social media. She’s regularly at Milwaukee games (she told our bishop she’ll be there this week), meets him on the road, hangs out and goes to events with his family and they even go to church together. I guess it helps that she was recently baptized mormon at an LDS ward in Connecticut. Don’t want to burst their bubble, but this cute mormon couple is just too cute not to share!” Checkout what Jabari is working with below.-TO