NBA player has naked photos posted on Twitter from angry groupies

March 30, 2010 at 8:58 am by Terez in Dorrell Wright, Miami Heat

Terez, she caused all of this..I told her to zip it.. learned that a few nights ago, NBA baller Dorrell Wright (from the Miami Heat) got put on EXTRA BLAST!!! You see his girlfriend started posting Tweets about how GREAT of a man he is to her. And how much the two of them were IN LOVE!!! Well a NUMBER OF GROUPIES didn’t like the fact that she was BRAGGING about her relationship and decided to put her man ON BLAST. After she politely asked the groupies to stop GOING IN on her baller BF, the groupies took things WAAAAY left – posting NUDE photos of Dorell on Twitter. — Media Take Out

I’m sorry, but If you’re looking for a nude pic of Dorrell Wright, you’re not going to find it here..I’m not posting any naked pics of any dudes on my site..Greg Oden was the last straw..tough month for Dorrell..-TO

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