NBA Introducing Edible Logos for Pizza

May 26, 2010 at 9:27 am by Terez in NBA

The NBA wants the whole pie...

The NBA is known for licensing its image on products from lunchboxes to toothbrushes..Now they’ve figured out how to smack their logo on food.. The next big thing: edible team logos..The logos, will be available next season for all 30 NBA  teams..You might be thinking that doesn’t look kosher…well, the logos will be  made of sugar, starch and food coloring…and of course its safe to eat..but be ready to pay a premium to eat your favorite team.. They’ll add about $5 to the overall cost of your pizza..Don’t expect to see the pizza available at Dominos or Pizza Hut either..The edible logos will be available at 1,200 independent pizza parlors nationwide. The paper-thin logos are placed atop the pizza after it has been fully baked and sliced…The logo then melts into the cheese…just another attempt to milk the teet of a Sports fan. -TO

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