NBA Exec Explains How Players Bring Their Wives & GF’s To The Same Game

October 4, 2018 at 5:25 pm by Terez in NBA

Charlotte Hornets player Frank Kaminsky posted a questionnaire from the team where it asked players to list their wife’s name and their girlfriend name. BSO spoke with an anonymous NBA GM and he spoke frankly about how players bring their wife and their side-chick to the same games and how the teams make sure to keep them separated. “The wording on the Hornets questionnaire is bad, but I am sure they didn’t expect a player to put it on IG.  It isn’t unusual for players to alert teams their wife and girlfriend will be attending a game, we need that information to make sure they are seated as far apart as possible. Some players prefer their wives in a suite and side chick closer to the floor or vice versa. I know people think this is unusual and had a good laugh at Hornets expense, but this happens almost every game.” – TO