May 11, 2018 at 7:09 am by Terez in Main

The props for the Western Conference Finals the odds- makers at are all about scoring.  A few of the highlights include:  highest scoring game James Harden 5/2, Kevin Durant 3/1; most points scored by a player Over/Under 43.5; most 3-pointers made in the series Curry 7/2, Harden 4/1; Over/Under average points scored per game 224.5; odds of both teams scoring over 100 points in every game 1/1.  And of course, at 9/2 Draymond Green is the prohibitive favorite to earn the first technical foul of the series.

Here are additional odds and props from the odds-makers at


-Warriors vs. Cavaliers: 8/5
-Rockets vs. Cavaliers: 11/4
-Warriors vs. Celtics: 4/1
-Rockets vs. Celtics: 6/1



Odds of a Cavs Sweep: 19/4

Odds of a Celtics Sweep: 76/1

Odds Series Goes 7 Games: 5/1

Odds to Win Series:
-Cavaliers: 7/13
-Celtics: 13/7

Over/Under number of LeBron James Triple Doubles: 1.5

Over/Under LeBron James Highest Scoring Game: 41.5

Over/Under LeBron James Lowest Scoring Game: 23.5

Over/Under LeBron James Average Minutes Per Game: 42.0

Odds LeBron James makes a buzzer beater to tie or win a game (less than 1-second on the clock): 9/2

If LeBron James attempts a buzzer-beater to tie or win a game (less than 1-second on the clock), odds he misses the shot: 10/9

If the Cavaliers have a shot at a buzzer-beater to tie or win a game (less than 1-second on the clock), odds someone other than LeBron takes the shot: 6/1

Over/Under number of minutes played in the series by Kendrick Perkins: 0.5

Odds to get the first technical foul of the series
-Marcus Morris: 4/1
-LeBron James: 6/1
-Marcus Smart: 6/1
-JR Smith: 9/1
-Tristan Thompson: 12/1
-Terry Rozier: 14/1
-Tyronn Lue: 18/1
-Brad Stevens: 32/1
-Kendrick Perkins: 75/1
-FIELD: 19/4

Odds the following celebrity fans attend a Cavs-Celtics Eastern Conference Finals game
-Mark Wahlberg: 1/2
-Matt Damon: 3/1
-Rihanna: 11/2
-Ben Affleck: 6/1
-Jay Z & Beyonce: 6/1
-Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen: 9/1
-Drake: 24/1


Odds to Win Series:
-Warriors: 7/10 (-143)
-Houston: 10/7 (+143)

Odds of a Warriors Sweep: 12/1

Odds of a Rockets Sweep: 21/1

Odds series goes 7 games: 2/1

Odds to have the highest-scoring game in the series
-James Harden: 5/2
-Kevin Durant: 3/1
-Steph Curry: 4/1
-Chris Paul: 7/1
-Klay Thompson: 7/1
-FIELD: 66/1

Over/Under Highest Scoring Game in the Series by a Player: 43.5

Most 3-Pointers Made in the Series (Team)
-Rockets: 3/5
-Warriors: 5/3

Most 3-Pointers Made in the Series (Player)
-Steph Curry: 7/2
-James Harden: 4/1
-Klay Thompson: 5/1
-Kevin Durant: 6/1
-Eric Gordon: 7/1
-Chris Paul: 10/1
-FIELD: 17/1

Odds a player breaks Klay Thompson’s record of 11 three-pointers made in a single game: 65/1

Odds of breaking the NBA Playoffs single-game record of 33 three-point field goals in a single game (Houston vs. Seattle – 1996): 9/2

Odds to get the first technical foul of the series
-Draymond Green: 9/2
-Chris Paul: 6/1
-Kevin Durant: 6/1
-James Harden: 13/2
-PJ Tucker: 9/1
-Andre Iguodala: 12/1
-Steve Kerr: 24/1
-Zaza Pachulia: 32/1
-Mike D’Antoni: 55/1
-FIELD: 13/2

First player to record a triple-double in the series:
-James Harden: 5/2
-Draymond Green: 3/1
-Kevin Durant: 5/1
-Chris Paul: 6/1
-Steph Curry: 8/1
-FIELD: 21/1

Over/Under Average number of points scored per game: 224.5

Odds of both teams scoring more than 100 points in every game: 1/1