NBA 2K Player Simulates Season With Full Team Of LABrons

August 10, 2018 at 10:56 am by Terez in Labron James, NBA, NBA2K18

NBA 2K YouTuber Smequle replicated LeBron James enough times to fill up an entire roster, then plopped that team into the current NBA, using each team’s current 2018-19 roster, and simulated the season. Virtual LABron has a 98 overall rating, making him the best overall player in the game – but it didn’t take very long for the Los Angeles LABrons to drop their first game of the season. Kawhi Leonard’s Toronto Raptors beat Los Angeles in November dropping the LeBrons to 11-1 on the season. Just a few days later, the LABrons lost a second consecutive game to Victor Oladipo and the Pacers. The LABrons recovered and went on to shatter the single-season win record by going 75-7, but not a single version of LABron made it onto an All-NBA team. – TO