Nationals Signs Pitcher out of Beer League Softball Team

March 1, 2010 at 11:21 am by Terez in Rafael Martin, Washington Nationals

Softball was the foundation I needed to graduate to the big leagues Terez..

At once, Rafael Martin, 25, is the most improbable story of Nationals spring training and the most concrete success of their remade international scouting operation. After his four years in construction and playing beer league softball, Martin made the Mexican League after catching a scout’s eye at a tryout he attended on a whim. Three years later, he had become one of the league’s best relievers, a commodity at least 10 teams vied for this winter. Armed with personal connections and the best financial offer, the Nationals bought his contract and added to their organization a fairy tale. “And,” said Bill Singer, the Nationals scout who signed Martin, “he’s going to play in the big leagues.” — Washington Post

Beer League Softball will never be looked at the same again..I’ll drink to that! -TO

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