Nash’s Black Baby Daddy Reportedly Jason Richardson

March 31, 2011 at 5:17 pm by Terez in Jason Richardson, Orlando Magic, Phoenix Suns, Steve Nash

That's my boy T...

Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash has had rumors swirling around an alleged black baby for several months…I got a scoop a while back that the teammate in question was Leandro Barbosa…Which later turned out to be false, considering Nash recently posted a pic of the two of them with Barbosa’s kid on facebook…Now another source has come forward and tells me the teammate in question is Jason Richardson. This was the main reason Richardson was shipped to Orlando via trade back in December. Steve Nash publicly announced his plans to divorce a day after his wife Alejandra gave birth to the couple’s third child…My source tells me that baby Matteo is definitely black, and Nash had suspicions several months prior that the child might not be his…The couple separated several months before the baby was born, but didn’t officially divorce until the day after she gave birth. That’s some messed up stuff…Keep in mind, Nash’s wife has denied this, saying the divorce was in no way related to their children, or Matteo’s paternity. Nash has yet to publicly make a statement.  -TO

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