Nascar Driver Tony Stewart Runs Over Sprint Car Driver

August 9, 2014 at 10:21 pm by Terez in Tony Stewart

Here’s a crazy story that is developing, it appears Tony Stewart side swiped another racer Kevin Ward Jr. after an altercation at the Canandaigua Speedway in N.Y. according to witnesses, Tony hit Kevin‘s car and it spun out of control. Kevin then got out of the car and when Tony was making his next lap around the track, side swiped into Kevin who was standing on the side of the track. An eyewitness told The Sporting News. “He approached him and evidently when he was driving by the guy standing on the track gesturing at him, he gunned his engine. What happened was the back end kicked out and clipped the guy and the guy flew across the track.” This doesn’t sound good for anybody involved.-TO 

Tony Stewart's weapon

Tony Stewart’s weapon