Mommy Tells Phelps To Lay Off Sex & Drugs

May 13, 2009 at 7:55 am by Terez in Michael Phelps

I can't help it T, With a face like this my window is small

I can't help it T, With a face like this my window is small

According to a source at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club — where Michael Phelps first made his mark as a future Olympian — the swimming phenom’s mom, Debbie Phelps, is concerned about her son’s activities out of the pool these days. ”Debbie’s happy Michael seems to be keeping his word about not smoking [marijuana] and, as always, he’s being great to her — very attentive. … But she’s not happy about his dating habits,” added the longtime close Phelps family friend. ”She just doesn’t understand why he always seems to go for women she calls ‘those cheap girls’ — strippers and cocktail waitresses and the like,” said the swim club staff member, who added, ”It’s no secret Michael is really into three-ways with girls like that. … He supposedly is pretty talented in the sack but is most interested in girls who can get real creative in bed.” But even with women Debbie Phelps calls ”nice girls” — with whom Michael occasionally will go out — the source laughed about his idea of ”taking a woman out to dinner.” ”It’s amazing how cheap Michael can be. … Whether strippers or the rare ‘nice girl,’ Michael usually takes them some place like Taco Bell or Applebee’s or Denny’s! … This from a guy worth millions in endorsements!” — Chicago Sun-Times

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