MLB pitcher was fantasy baseball’s MVP

March 29, 2010 at 10:54 am by Terez in Chris Carpenter, St. Louis Cardinals

Terez, I am the key to your fantasy success..

People who had Mr. Carpenter on their fantasy teams last season won 58.6% of their weekly head-to-head matchups—the best winning percentage of any other ballplayer, according to data culled from more than 10,000 leagues on This season’s top sleeper may be Oakland Athletics pitcher Ben Sheets, who missed last year with an arm injury but is expected to be healthy. Another player to watch is Minnesota Twins pitcher Francisco Liriano. Drafters fear his inconsistency, but his talent is undeniable –Wall Street Journal

Baseball season is sooo close..can’t wait for opening day. To see the list of the most valuable fantasy players take the jump.-TO

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Players Who Pay Off

Pitchers and hitters with the best performances for fantasy-team owners in head-to-head play:

Chris Carpenter (STL)56.8%
Zack Greinke (KC)56.1%
Tim Lincecum (SF)55.5%
Felix Hernandez (SEA)55.5%
Javier Vazquez (NYY)55.4%
Albert Pujols (STL)56.7%
Victor Martinez (BOS)54.7%
Joe Mauer (MIN)54.6%
Ryan Braun (MIL)54.3%
Chase Utley (PHI)53.9%