MLB Groupie Outs Utley, Maddux, Big Unit and more

Is this some sort of joke Terez..

Athlete groupies are an interesting bunch…I recently got some info on a book that is being shopped around by someone who had sex with MLB superstars …The book includes sex stories about Chase Utley when he was a rookie, Kevin Millwood, Pat Burrell and she also touches on the Mike Lieberthal gay rumors. Some of the other players that she had sex with and gives all the dirty details about include Greg Maddux, Randy Johnson, Mike Hampton, Bernie Williams, Tim Hudson and Jeff Francouer just to name a few..She’s also going to spill what she knows about drug abuse, steroids, alcohol and sex in the league. She has been an insider for 20 years. She said Randy Johnson’s nickname does not suit him and he should go by “Small Unit” … If Greg Maddux could pitch as good as he had sex (specifically oral) that he would have had over 600 wins instead of 300, and that Chase Utley (Chase me Quickly) was the worst lay she ever had..This is priceless stuff…Gotta love the Chase Me Quickly and Small Unit nicknames..To read more juicy details continue reading. -TO

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Terez, She is still writing it now, but has been in touch with someone from Harper Collins. As I understand it they want someone to help her finish it. They want it out in time for the playoffs. She has a list dating back to when the players used to stay at the Sheraton years ago. The list is every player she ever slept with and all the juicy details. She tells all about Randy Johnson, Chase Utley, Greg Maddux, Luis Gonzales, Bernie Williams to name just a few but as I understand it the list has over 60 players on it including one superstar that I am not sure she is going to name.The one story about Utley was when he was a rookie who was getting used to the whole atmosphere in Philly when he first got here. His girlfriend was a total bitch to girls at the stadium so some of the workers at the stadium arranged for her to give him a ride to Pat Burrell’s apartment and ended up having sex with him in her car. He couldn’t handle the blow job and the sex was a matter of seconds. He called her a few times after but she referred to him as “Chase me quickly”. She never went back out with him.She hooked up with Greg Maddux at the Hyatt in Society Hill. She spent most of the evening in the bar talking with him and other players. At the end of the night the bartender came over and tried to get him to go out with her and her friends but he declined because he was already with her.In his room he took charge and spent 15 minutes giving her oral, she said it was the best sex she ever had to that point. He just gave it to her again and again. He started with a condom but didn’t like it and asked her if he could take it off. She said ok and they finished without it. He said he likes it naturally and he heard he could trust her. Her Mets stories refer to them as “A traveling circus”.
She had a lot of group sex with other Braves some of those players were Millwood, Javy Lopez, Tim Hudson and Marcus Giles.
She is telling everything and the book is going to include her eye witness accounts on drugs, alcohol, sex, and spans over 20 years…I just want you to share this with your readers. Thanks, you’re the best and I love reading your site!