Milton Bradley Left Stadium after Being Benched

May 5, 2010 at 12:18 pm by Terez in Milton Bradley, Seattle Mariners

Terez, I'm not missing..I just don't want to be found..

Last night at the Mariners game, the biggest loser in all of sports walked out on his team.. Here’s an excerpt from the the Seattle Times: “From what I’m told, Bradley came back to the dugout and told manager Don Wakamatsu something along the lines of “I’m done. I’m not helping the team.  Wakamatsu had Ryan Langerhans warm up immediately and followed Bradley into a tunnel between the dugout and clubhouse to talk him off the ledge and tell him not to quit on his teammates. At some point, Bradley was about to return to the dugout, but once he saw Langerhans playing left field in his place, left again and returned to his locker. From there, he quickly packed and exited the stadium with the game still in progress.” Bradley has always been a troubled athlete..Everywhere he plays he wreaks havoc and blames everyone else..He left Chicago pointing fingers and now has pissed off everyone in Seattle..He definitely qualifies as the biggest scum in all of I wrote earlier this year..good luck with that Seattle Fans. -TO

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