Mike Ditka Sweater Vests For Sale

November 23, 2010 at 11:17 am by Terez in Chicago Bears, Mike Ditka

I hope they plan on giving me my cut Terez...

Mike Ditka is an iconic figure in Chicago sports..Hell, he’s an NFL legend..and no one man, not even Ohio State Football Coach Jim Tressel, has pulled off the sweater vest look like Mike Ditka did back in the day..Now someone is trying to capitalize off Da Coach’s signature look..Mike Ditka’s Sweater Vest just launched..and there’s only one thing for sale there..Bears Sweater Vests..This isn’t some Chinatown knockoff either..Here’s the description..”This is no cheap acrylic knock-off of the classic Ditka Sweater Vest, but is a 100% Wool replica of the Ditka Sweater Vest” So there you have it..-TO

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