Michelle Wie Will Rock You

September 23, 2011 at 8:17 am by Terez in Michelle Wie

I could use a playing partner T....

LPGA star Michelle Wie is no slouch…She plays with the girls but credits her success to her upbringing working out with the boys…Wie talked with Men’s Health: “I fought with them, played basketball with them, rolled around in the dirt since elementary school.” “But when you use power,” she says, “it has to be explosive.” To play her game, you need total-body strength. Wie trains by doing kettlebell circuits and deadlifts and using battling ropes, sweating it out in the football gym at Stanford University, where she’s studying communications. “When I’m in the gym, all the guys are deadlifting, like, 400 pounds, so they don’t think I’m doing anything at all,” Wie says. “One reaction I get is, ‘Why are you in here? You play golf.’ I’m, like, ‘Shut up. You don’t know anything.'” Michelle Wie is all grown up…Not the winner we all expected, but whenever you get labeled the next Tiger Woods, it’s a losing battle. -TO

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